50 Hunger Games Premiere Contests

Published by admin on February 3rd, 2012

So, you’ve already entered our “The Hunger Games” premiere contest, right? Well, we know you want to win — almost as badly as Katniss in the Arena — so we’re here to help!

To celebrate the fifty days remaining ’til “The Hunger Games” hits theaters, a total of 50 sites (including us) are running premiere contests.

Here’s the skinny on how to enter each:

  1. NextMovie – Not only are we giving away two tickets to the premiere, but we’re also throwing in some major swag, including “The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion,” “The World of the Hunger Games” book, and more!
  2. Access Hollywood – Sign up using their on-site entry form for your chance at this one.
  3. BadAss Digest – You’ll need to be friendly with Facebook to enter this contest, but it includes a plane ride to the premiere for the winner and guest.
  4. Barnes & Noble – Use the entry form for your chance to win, and some travel arrangements are included in the potential prize.
  5. Bop and Tiger Beat – A simple entry form gets you into their contest.
  6. Break.com – Enter through their Facebook page and you’ll get some travel accommodations, too!
  7. BuzzSugar – Their handy entry tool will give you a shot at the premiere, with travel provisions.
  8. Cambio – Hit up the simple entry form for this one. In addition to premiere tickets and travel accommodations, this one’ll get you into the Cambio studios for a behind-the-scenes look at a celebrity interview.
  9. Celebuzz – You’ll need to hit up their Facebook page to enter, but the prize includes some money towards airfare expenses.
  10. Chud – Come up with (exactly) fifty words explaining in an e-mail why you need to go to the premiere to enter this one, but you’ll have to prove you can make it to L.A. yourself as well.
  11. Cinema Blend – You’ll have to use their Facebook page to enter this one.
  12. Collider – Get your typing fingers ready for this one, ’cause you’ll need to e-mail in with what district you’d best represent and why to enter.
  13. ComicBookMovie – Registration for this site is a requirement to enter, and liking them on Facebook doubles your chances of winning their tickets.
  14. Crushable – Rally up your Facebook pals to increase your chances of winning their ticket giveaway.
  15. E! Online – Tweet your take on Capitol fashion to enter here.
  16. Extra – Use the simple entry form for your shot at this site’s premiere ticket giveaway.
  17. Fandango – You gotta hit the comments on this one and answer who you’re most excited to see at the premiere to enter.
  18. FearNet – E-mail in to enter this one. They’re offering travel accommodations in addition to two tickets to the premiere.
  19. Hollywood.com – They’ll send you to their Facebook page to comment with what district you belong to to enter this one.
  20. Hot Topic – This one’s on Facebook, so get friendly with their page for your chance to win their tickets and travel sweepstakes.
  21. HitFix – You’ll need to tweet to enter this sweepstakes.
  22. Hunger Games Official Book Facebook Page – You’ll “like” this one because it includes travel and hotel stay.
  23. Hunger Games Official Movie Facebook Page – Same deal. Hit up their Facebook spot for your shot.
  24. IGN – This contest is through IGN’s Facebook page and includes transportation.
  25. iVillage – Their contest includes hotel stay and some spa time as well. Enter using your e-mail address at the link.
  26. J-14 – Use your email account to enter this site’s premiere sweepstakes.
  27. Just Jared – You’ll need to “like” their Facebook page and leave a comment to enter this one.
  28. PopStar Online – Take to Facebook with your testimony of “Hunger Games” fanaticism to enter.
  29. M – Just use the simple entry form for your shot at this one.
  30. MovieFanatic – Like a couple of pages on Facebook and then comment on their post with your Arena weapon of choice to enter this one.
  31. Moviefone – To enter this one, you’ll need to hit up the Facebook page and head to the giveaway tab.
  32. MovieLine – You better be poetic because you’ll need to come up with a “Hunger Games” haiku to enter this giveaway.
  33. Movies.com – Use your Facebook page to share who you’d most like to see on the “Hunger Games” red carpet for a chance to win their ticket package.
  34. MovieTickets – Use the entry form on their site, and you’ll have a shot at travel in addition to their two tickets.
  35. MovieWeb – You’ll have to like their Facebook page and then comment to tell them why you deserve to win in order to enter their giveaway.
  36. MSN – You’ll need to get friendly with MSN on Facebook and answer their series of three “Hunger Games” questions to enter this one.
  37. MTV – Trip for two, including travel at the W Hollywood Hotel and a makeover? Yep. Use the entry form for your chance at this one.
  38. MySpace – Hit up their comments section with your favorite “Hunger Games” character to enter this premiere ticket giveaway.
  39. Pink is the New Blog – Hit their post’s comments section with your favorite this-or-that from “The Hunger Games” to enter their premiere ticket contest.
  40. ReelzChannel – Use their entry form for a chance at premiere tickets plus travel arrangements to L.A.
  41. ScreenCrave – You’ll need to comment with your favorite “Hunger Games” character to enter their sweepstakes.
  42. Seventeen – Fill out the concise entry form for this site’s sweepstakes.
  43. ShockYa – Use your Twitter page to enter their premiere giveaway.
  44. Teen.com – You’ll need your Facebook log-in handy to enter this one.
  45. TooFab – Fill out their short entry form for your shot at this one.
  46. Twilight Saga Facebook Page – Ally with “Twilight” on Facebook for this giveaway, which includes some travel arrangements in the grand prize.
  47. Universal Republic – Just enter using the simple form at the link, and you’ll have a shot at premiere tickets and a copy of “The Hunger Games” soundtrack and some more swag.
  48. Yahoo! – Take to Twitter to enter this “Hunger Games” sweepstakes.
  49. HollywoodLife – Punch in your essentials on this site’s form to enter.

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